Rent a board, book a tour, experience the Abacos like never before.....
EMAIL US @ or call jesses cell(242)475-0954, or (242)365-4226 our Green Turtle office @ Pineapples
We are on the water a lot so if we don't pick up leave a message and we will get back
to you asap! Email is always a very reliable way to get in touch.
ABACO PADDLE BOARD offers it all:
We rent Stand Up Paddle Boards, Surf Boards, Boogie Boards, Tubes, Water Skies and Wake Boards. We offer Eco-tours, Water Sport Beach Picnics, Beginner Lessons, SUP fitness Classes and SUP Surf Lessons and Surf Lessons. We also sell new and used stand up paddle boards and surf boards as well as shape custom boards designed by you.
RENTALS: Abaco Paddle Board makes renting a Paddle board as convenient as possible. We will deliver your board to your cottage, boat or to the resort where you are staying. We also rent surf boards, water skies, boogie boards, skim boards, wake boards and tubes.
Surf Lessons: We offer Beginner and Intermediate Surf Lessons that will turn you into a real surfer. We also offer Stand Up Paddle Board lessons in surf or flat water.
Sales: We sell new and used Paddle Boards in a wide verity of brands, colors, shapes and sizes, for all levels of experience. We also sell surf boards, paddles, accessories and rash guards. Please contact us if you are interested in purchasing a paddle board, surf board, rash guards or accessories. Set up a time to check out our inventory.
Location: We deliver any & everywhere in Abaco!!
Pineapples Bar & Grill in Green Turtle Cay is our home base. Here you can rent hourly or for as long as you like, receive lessons or a guided tour of beautiful near by creeks. We also sell new and used Boards here.
Abaco Paddleboard is committed to supplying adventure, fitness and fun. We design and produce high performance stand-up paddle boards, paddles, custom surf boards and accessories in an eco-friendly manner.
Check out a video of a typical Surf Lesson with Dawson who is 6 years old:
Check out Jesse Surfing and SUPing some of Elbow Cays finest surf:
Paddleboard all over the Abacos. Lubbers Quarters, Green Turtle Cay, Marsh Harbor, Hope Town, Elbow Cay, Little Harbour, Guanna Cay... we deliver boards at your convenience. Not sure if where your staying is local, give us a call and we can make accomodations.

Our SUP Core Fitness Class is a favorite!

Abaco Paddle Boards are high performance and durable. They are designed for the diverse waters of the Bahamas.

Rent boards for the whole family and experience a whole new adventure in Abaco!

Always wanted to surf? Ages 4 to 74 we will have you riding waves on your 1st lesson and loving it!

Abaco Inn Beach on White Sound Harbour, Elbow Cay, Abaco, Bahamas

tubing, wake boarding and water skiing are enjoyed by our guests on our Water Sports Beach Picnics.